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The company's strategy - the introduction of new technologies that provide a strategic competitive
advantage in the market.

Joint Stock Company “International Space Communication Concern KOSS”(Concern “KOSS”) functions since 1991 as an organizational structure which had united scientists and leading specialists of series of military-industrial complex enterprises. 
Rich intellectual and technical potential of Concern allows to carry out research works and to solve complex applied challenges in the sphere of radio electronics, communication systems, a location and instrument engineering.

The Concern has all necessery licenses including those for performing state orders.

The main field of interest of the company:
    •  Research in the field of information transfer and storage and establishment of appropriate technical means.
    •  Development and implementation of commercial low-orbit global satellite communications system, LAMP-1 and conducting investigations in this field.
    •  Design and manufacture of equipment for communication systems including satellite systems, as well as instrumentation and microwave devices.
    •  Creation of noise-transmission channels and the use of new, patented technology turbo that reduce the “threshold” demodulation.
    •  Develop and implement systems and devices of spatial filtering radio signals.
    • Develop and implement methods and devices for digital signal processing in radio systems.
    •  Develop and implement methods for determining the parameters of signals in terms of a priori uncertainty.
    •  Developing and implementing systems for optimal estimation of motion parameters of single and group objects on radar measurements.
    •  Developing and implementing systems for optimal control of complex systems.
    • Developing and implementing systems for determining the spatial angular orientation of objects, including the use of consumer equipment satellite radio-navigation system (GPS, GLONASS).
    •  Development and implementation of hardware components of digital processing of radar signals of different species using the fast Fourier transform.
    •  Development and implementation of unmanned aircraft systems.
    •  Development and implementation of special techniques.
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