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Solutions for applying the new technique into the project of DVB-S2 standard

4. Solutions for applying the new technique of information transmission into the project
of DVB-S2 standard

The DVB-S2 standard being developed for European states is intended for the transmission of great quantity of information (video, broadcast, and various data sets). Despite the necessity for obtaining the high quality and high rates of information transmission, the standard project does not provide the use of Turbo Coding (at the rates lower than 3/5). The reason for this is the absence of necessary technical solutions for the demodulator that would be matched the characteristics of Turbo Coding. The use of the new modem technology having lower demodulation “threshold” could, as follows from the above, increase significantly the efficiency of all information transmission systems being made in accordance with the DVB-S2 standard. The Table 1 shows specific modulation types and coding rates, which could solve the problems of this standard.
Table 1.
Coding rate
1/2          1/3
1/3        3/8        1/2        1/4
1/4        1/3        1/2        2/5        3/5

Thus, it is obvious that the new modem technology opens wide possibilities for creating new communications standards.

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