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The developed devices and research development

Concern “KOSS” has designed and produced a series of apparatus and devices. 
At present, specialists of Concern “KOSS” also carry out works in various lines in the field of information technologies.
KOSS-11 Communication radio receiver apparatus (intended for receiving microwave digital radio signals in the range of 1 to 40 GHz)Developed.
KOSS-12 Complex for microwave signal analysis (intended for analyzing microwave signals with PSK, QAM in radio systems in the range of 1 to 40 GHz)
KOSS 13 Digital modem (universal modem is designed to receive/transmit signals having modulation types BPSK, QPSK, 4QPSK, 8PSK in satellite communication systems)
KOSS 14 Complex for measuring phase noise (automated spectral analysis)
KOSS 17 Multi-channel receive/measurement complex of direction finding and space selection of radio emission sources (intended for operation in condition of complicated electro-magnetic environment)
KOSS-20 Mobile complex of operative monitoring, radio measurements and confidential information protection on the base of motor vehicle UAZ, GAZ, Mercedes, Toyota, et al.
KOSS-25 Special hardware and software complex “observer”

Research work:
KOSS 18 Universal method for determining digital amplitude-phase modulation type under conditions 
of a priori uncertainty
Method definition is developed.
KOSS 19 Technique for sounding and communication
with superwide-band signals
Algorithms and creation of a locator with not sinusoidal signals are developed.
KOSS 21 Algorithms of optimal parameter estimation
of single and group object movement by radar measurements
Algorithms and programs are developed. Further investigations are performed.
KOSS 22 Development and introduction for optimal control of complex systems
Algorithms and programs are developed. Further investigations are performed.
KOSS 23 Development and introduction of systems for determining space angle orientation of objects including employ-ment of apparatus of user of satellite radio navigation system (GPS, GLONASS)
Apparatus are developed. Further investigations are performed.
KOSS 24 Development and introduction of devices for digital processing radar signals of various types using Fast Fourier Transformation
Algorithms and programs are developed. Further investigations are performed.
Creating method for calculating initial data for designing multi-beam on-board antennas of satellite communication systems
Method is developed.
Creating method for evaluating an effect of Earth axis precession and nutation onto the precision of recalculation of SA location vector from the absolute geocentric coordinate system to relative geocentric and topocentric coordinate systems
Method is developed. Further researches are conducted.
Developing method of expansion of stable grouping of small SA in the interests of low-orbit satellite communication systems with optimal expenses for its creating and supporting
Investigations are performed.
Creating method for determining parameters of inertial systems
Creating multi-functional antenna/feeder system of guidance to satellites
Developing technology in accordance with Patents
Introduction of the developed equipment is conducted.
Developing technology for creating “last mile” apparatus
Creating systems and apparatus of space filtration
Creating methods and apparatus for signal processing in radio systems
Program versions of short-waves modems of range for a long-distance multi hop communication
Are developedWorks on creation of short-wave of the modem with use of a turbo of an equalizer for improvement of characteristics in the conditions of a selective dying down in the mode reception/transfer with a spacing to 4 channels are conducted.
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