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Investment activity of KOSS Concern

Joint-stock COMPANY «KOSS INVEST» is created in 1998 for providing of realization of scientific and engineerings developments of the “Concern “KOSS” in interests of financing of scientific researches conducted by Concern and creations of samples of technical devices and instruments. Joint-Stock Company «KOSS INVEST» effectively implements the scheduled program, has acquired reliable partners and develops a row of new directions in the activity.

Presently «KOSS INVEST» organizationally unites the works connected by the uniform concept in the market:

Realization of engineerings developments of «Concern «KOSS»;

Exclusive presentation at the Russian market of products of firm MadBoy Audio International Oy;

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Madboy is the first in the world brand of karaoke-apparatus which is created the strongest specialists in area of karaoke. Setting to work in the world of karaoke in 1992 the creators of Madboy purchased large experience in area of karaoke business. After the back of thousand and thousand the conducted evenings of karaoke and work with an apparatus.

Realization of karaoke-apparatus at the Russian market through a network the Internet of;

There is one very good reason for which we suggest you to get acquainted with MadBoy karaoke equipment, and it consists in the following is a Uniqueness.
Present that you, without effort having only the minimum set of the equipment, you can arrange own concerts.

Being the exclusive distributor of MadBoy Audio International Oy firm, we investigated the Russian market and now with full confidence we can declare to you that the karaoke equipment with similar technical performances simply doesn't exist.

Karaoke-equipment MadBoy it is intended for exacting professionals or for home use. On the display all information necessary for you is displayed. Sound decision MadBoy HQR for a microphone sound delivers matchless sensations. Thanks to presence of regulators of a timbre and effects of reverberation and an echo, you can feel quality, comparable with studio. Has excellent possibilities on change of a tonality of music. Among other things, there are connectors for connection of outer effects, writer devices, and the linear outputs for the active columns and a subwoofer.You can play back popular audio video formats from CD and DVD carriers, no less than with USB carriers and SD memory cards. And still you without effort can copy/convert CD in MP3 or CD+G in MP3+G, creating thus personal library of all disks.

Now you see that MadBoy karaoke equipment – isn't simple sound playback with comments on the screen of your television screen, the usual DVD player also can cope with it. Also it has no relation to equipment which when using demands from you skills and ability of "Control of the spacecraft", these complexities ot for the MadBoy equipment. As the group of the skilled MadBoy developers knew that wasn't enough for singers around the world for a long time, it was easy for them to correct these shortcomings.

You can estimate uniqueness and a superiority of a sound of a karaoke equipment of MadBoy, having visited a show room which is to the address: Moscow, Leningradskoye Highway, 25, Shopping Center "Family Room", ground (-1) floor. 
Full information is provided on the site:
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